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CPO has a Full-line of Housekeeping Supplies Available for your facility

Joshen & CPO Housekeeping Maintenance Supplies

Contact CPO for all your housekeeping maintenance needs from chemicals to dispensing equipment, brushes, can liners, and many more!

Ice Melting Supplies

CPO has spreaders, and a variety of ice melting supplies. Make sure you are ready for winter !

LakePoint Energy

CPO has partnered with LakePoint Energy, bringing our customers substantial savings with this exciting Energy Procurement & Management Program

Republic Services

Learn more about CPO's ALL-INCLUSIVE contract pricing; producing SAVINGS up to 80% for our customers!

Digital Integrated Systems

Learn more about CPO's program to handle all your computer hardware repairs & software installations!

Fundraising Gift Card Program

The Gift Card Program allows participants to purchase everyday items AND support your organization!

Staples Program

CPO customers receive FREE delivery with only a $35.00 purchase!

Plus receive DISCOUNTED pricing on the entire Staples catalog with CPO...

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Cleaning & Sanitizing Chemicals

Housekeeping Chemicals

Joshen and CPO have all the housekeeping chemicals needed to keep your facility clean & sanitary, from the brand names you trust:

  • Dish detergent, degreaser, sanitizer & bleach
  • All purpose, glass, furniture, oil soap, and stainless steel cleaner
  • Oven, grill, and hood cleaners
  • Fryer and boil-out products
  • Disinfectant & germicidal
  • Bowl cleaners
  • Cleansers
  • Drain cleaner & opener
  • Laundry soap, bleach, destainer, sours, softener

Not sure which housekeeping chemicals you should use at your facility? Ask to have a Joshen representative visit your facility to match the correct products to your needs. Take advantage of the low $100.00 minimum order for free delivery from Joshen! Combine all your supply needs; keeping your inventory at a minimum dollar amount.

Dispensing Equipment


To insure your employees are not "glugging" cleaning chemicals, Joshen and CPO have proportioning dispensers to mix your cleaning and sanitizing chemicals at the correct dilution!

  • 1,2,3 button units
  • Kitchen sink proportioners
  • Janitor mop closet proportioners
  • Accurate dispensing every time

Contact CPO for all your housekeeping proportioner needs.

Cleaning Supplies, PPE Equipment, & Feminine Hygiene Products

Cleaning, PPE, Feminine Hygiene

CPO & Joshen has a large line of cleaning supply tools needs for efficient cleaning & sanitizing of your facility. To keep your employees safe, ask about our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) line of equipment. CPO has a full-line of feminine hygiene products & disposal receptacles available and ready to ship!

  • Trigger sprayers & bottles
  • Brushes, sponges, scrubbers, scrapers, & dusters
  • Buckets, janitor carts, wet floor signs & cones
  • Gloves, goggles, aprons & boots
  • Test strips for bleach & quat sanitizers
  • Feminine Hygiene products & disposal receptacles

Can Liners & Waste Receptacles

CPO has a vast line of waste receptacles from desk size to large outdoor containers at deep discount prices. We also have both high and low density liners in every size needed to fit your existing containers. Contact us today! Often times, can liners hang over the sides of receptacles far too much, wasting money. We have included this guide below to assist you in choosing the correct size can liner.

Choose the Right Size for Your Trash Containers
A bag that is too small will fall into the receptacle. A bag that’s too large requires you to spend time knotting or banding to secure it in place. A properly fitted liner should have approximately 3 to 4 inches hanging over the top of the container. Use this formula to determine the correct size:

Can Liner SizeBAG WIDTH: Use one half of the outer circumference of the container.
BAG LENGTH: Use the height of the container, plus one half of the diameter of the container bottom, plus 3 inches (for overhang).
For square or rectangular containers, use the diagonal of the container bottom, rather than the diameter.

Joshen Delivery Policy

Combine all your supply needs from paper & packaging disposables, to janitorial, and maintenance with low minimum order requirements. To learn more about Joshen product lines, click here.

Free Delivery $100 Order

Flyers, Promotions, & Order Forms

If there are any current flyers, promotions, and order forms available for this category, they are listed below. If you need assistance, please contact CPO customer service.

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