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About the CPO Fundraising Gift Card Program

CPO Gift Card Fundraising Program

Do you need to raise funds for your organization? Learn more about our effective program here, and contact us to get started today!

Ice Melting Supplies

CPO has spreaders, and a variety of ice melting supplies. Make sure you are ready for winter !

LakePoint Energy

CPO has partnered with LakePoint Energy, bringing our customers substantial savings with this exciting Energy Procurement & Management Program

Republic Services

Learn more about CPO's ALL-INCLUSIVE contract pricing; producing SAVINGS up to 80% for our customers!

Digital Integrated Systems

Learn more about CPO's program to handle all your computer hardware repairs & software installations!

Fundraising Gift Card Program

The Gift Card Program allows participants to purchase everyday items AND support your organization!

Staples Program

CPO customers receive FREE delivery with only a $35.00 purchase!

Plus receive DISCOUNTED pricing on the entire Staples catalog with CPO...

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What is the CPO Fundraising Gift Card Program?

CPO established the Gift Card Program in 1988 to painlessly generate needed funds. Our program has generated Millions of dollars each year for our 400+ participating schools, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Our program never requires your participants to buy items they don't want or need. They simply shop or dine using the cards they purchase, while your organization benefits! It's SIMPLE and EASY...3 Steps is all it takes to start seeing some REAL PROFITS for your organization:

CPO Fundraising Gift Card Program

No more hassle selling candy bars, wrapping paper and magazines! It's the easiest way to raise funds ever! Everyone needs to buy groceries, gas and medications. Your participants don't spend any extra money on their normal everyday household purchases. Participants can even pay their Kohl's credit card payment with "special" pre-paid gift cards. (Gift cards bought elsewhere cannot be used to pay accounts.). Click here and here to view the Profit Forms, and start generating funds today!

Who Can Participate in the Gift Card Program?

Are you one of these organizations?

  • School
  • Athletic Club
  • Religious Group
  • Youth Organization
  • Charity
  • Band and Music Group
  • Service Club
  • Booster Club

Any nonprofit organization 501c3 is eligible to participate in this fundraising program. Please contact us today to register!

Help your organization raise funds, and your participants won't spend one extra dollar!

How Do I Start?

  • Register with your C-Account Number
  • Take orders from the participants using these forms
  • Order your Gift Cards from CPO (Phone, Fax, or On-Line)
  • Pick Up your order. Your order will be ready in 24 hours at our convenient pick up location

Funds Raised This Year

Funds raised this year by organizations using the CPO Gift Card Program.


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