Central Purchasing Office - Diocese of Cleveland

CPO Product Category & Services Summary

CPO Products & Services Summary

We are excited to offer our valued customers this extensive list of products & services. Please contact CPO before you make any purchases for your institution.

Ice Melting Supplies

CPO has spreaders, and a variety of ice melting supplies. Make sure you are ready for winter !

LakePoint Energy

CPO has partnered with LakePoint Energy, bringing our customers substantial savings with this exciting Energy Procurement & Management Program

Republic Services

Learn more about CPO's ALL-INCLUSIVE contract pricing; producing SAVINGS up to 80% for our customers!

Digital Integrated Systems

Learn more about CPO's program to handle all your computer hardware repairs & software installations!

Fundraising Gift Card Program

The Gift Card Program allows participants to purchase everyday items AND support your organization!

Staples Program

CPO customers receive FREE delivery with only a $35.00 purchase!

Plus receive DISCOUNTED pricing on the entire Staples catalog with CPO...

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CPO Products & Services Summary

Please view our product & service offerings below. If you do not see what you are looking for or need more information, please contact our dedicated customer service staff for assistance.

Church Products

Communications Products

Education & School Products

Facilities & Outdoors

Food Service Products 

Fundraising Programs

Furniture & Furnishings

Information Technology 

Office Products

Services & Installations

Catholic Purchasing Services

CPO is a member of Catholic Purchasing Services. As a member of Catholic Purchasing Services, we participate with other diocesan purchasing offices throughout the country in an orchestrated endeavor to save you time and money. Just as we attempt to consolidate the fragmented business within our own diocese, the principal function of Catholic Purchasing Services is to pool the buying power of all Catholic institutions nationwide. They negotiate contracts and agreements which provide a savings based on overall national volume, benefitting even the smallest buyer.

Please contact us if you need a copy of the catalog by calling us or completing our web form. This catalog represents many of the popular items available under national agreements as well as items of general interest to parishes and institution. This catalog does not cover the hundreds of items which we have available through our own local sources of supply. National agreements usually cover equipment and generally do not cover your basic supply items because of the need to be close to local distributors. We can help you with all of your purchasing requirements and urge you to call us.

This catalog is issued once a year. We hope it will be of value to you in making purchasing decisions. Please remember, if you need information on any product or service, CPO is a good place to begin your search. Please view the catalog for item numbers and quantities needed, then contact CPO for your order placement and price confirmation.

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