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Ice Melting Supplies

CPO has spreaders, and a variety of ice melting supplies. Make sure you are ready for winter !

LakePoint Energy

CPO has partnered with LakePoint Energy, bringing our customers substantial savings with this exciting Energy Procurement & Management Program

Republic Services

Learn more about CPO's ALL-INCLUSIVE contract pricing; producing SAVINGS up to 80% for our customers!

Digital Integrated Systems

Learn more about CPO's program to handle all your computer hardware repairs & software installations!

Fundraising Gift Card Program

The Gift Card Program allows participants to purchase everyday items AND support your organization!

Staples Program

CPO customers receive FREE delivery with only a $35.00 purchase!

Plus receive DISCOUNTED pricing on the entire Staples catalog with CPO...

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Dedicated to Saving Time & Money for Nonprofit Institutions
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Dianne Clemente

Gift Card Fundraising Manager

Dianne has her BSN in nursing and worked in Cardiac Intensive Care before she stayed home to care for her children. When her son started kindergarten, Dianne went to volunteer in her son’s school’s gift card program. As her children got older, Dianne became more involved and eventually became one of the coordinators of one of the largest gift card programs in the diocese.

Dianne joined CPO staff April of 2013 as the Gift Card Fundraising Assistant. After working with a highly successful school gift card program, she brings a unique perspective to CPO’s gift card department. Dianne is excited to share her fundraising ideas and experience with CPO customers. She looks forward to helping the gift card customers maximize their fundraising potential.

Dianne assumed the role of Gift Card Fundraising Manager since September 2015.

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